How to Care for Your Deck All-Year Long

If you’ve got a beautiful garden highlighted by an outdoor deck that provides the perfect base for al fresco drinks in the summer, it’s natural to want to preserve your deck for as long as possible. Once you’ve got your garden looking pristine, your attentions may turn to your deck. Here are some of our expert tips to keep your backyard deck in shape all year long.  



Many of us neglect cleaning, especially when winter arrives and temperatures drop significantly. Cleaning is not the most enjoyable task, but it can have a really positive impact on the look of your garden, as well as the life expectancy of your deck. Before you do anything, arm yourself with some gloves, and remove any dirt, debris, and moss from the deck using a yard brush and your hands, if needed. Next, you can use a hose to gently wash the surface of the deck before adding the finishing touches with a specialist deck cleaning product, which will eliminate any remaining stains.  



When you invest in a new deck for a garden transformation, you want to ensure your backyard looks the business for years to come. This is where protection is key. In Canada, decks are exposed to extreme weather conditions, and the elements can take their toll. To make the most of your stunning landscape design and preserve your deck, it’s wise to implement protective, preventative measures, such as staining and sealing the wood or using a deck protector. This will help to provide a protective barrier against wind, rain, and ice and enable you to enjoy your garden deck for longer. Due to the extreme sustained cold we experience during a Canadian winter, it may be beneficial to invest in a heavy-duty plastic covering to shield your deck. If you don’t have a cover and it snows, grab a plastic shovel, and try and remove as much snow as possible once it’s safe to do so. This will help to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood.  


Restoration and repairs 

Both commercial and residential decks are built to last, but they’re not immune to damage. Keep an eye on your decks and patios throughout the year, and try to tend to any problems as quickly as possible. If your deck is worn or damaged, there’s every chance that it will start to deteriorate if left untreated. Carrying out running repairs is an effective way to increase the shelf-life of your deck and also to lower the risk of outdoor accidents.  



Protecting and cleaning your deck and keeping an eye out for wear and tear can help to prolong the lifespan of your deck, reduce the risk of slips and trips, and ensure your garden is looking great all year long! If you are thinking of carrying out a sensational summer garden transformation with a new deck this year, consider the type of material you want to use and how that will affect the maintenance. For more advice on the different types of decks we provide, and which one might be most suited to your needs, give the team at The Deck Shop a call today! 

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