Finding Your Design Style

It’s often difficult for us to identify and articulate what our style is when it comes to our house. We think we have a certain idea that we are trying to emulate, but we’re still not completely satisfied with the layout and design of our home. With many different concepts and categories to choose from,[…]

Outdoor Living Trends

CHANGING YOUR MINDSET As times are changing, many homeowners mindsets is also adapting when it comes to things like what a home should look like. When it comes to outdoor living, a majority of homeowners think that your outdoor space should be designed in alignment with the seasons. A lot of homeowners are now incorporating[…]

Tips for laying deck boards

Tips For Laying Deck Boards

Deck boards are pretty straight forward as far as laying them down and putting screws in them. Make sure to be using the proper screws when installing your deck as this can lead to damage if the right screws aren’t installed.  When looking for screws, we strongly suggest using ones that are at least 2[…]

Pvc deck

Building A Modern Deck Without Wood

Are you tired of constantly having to maintain your deck? Always having to deal with fading, splinters, and cracks due to inconsistent maintenance? Your backyard should be used as an environment to bond with family and friends. Not a place to be constantly worrying about the next problem that may arise. Wooden decks have been[…]