How to Take Care of Your Deck During The Winter

Now that summer has come to an end and fall is so short-lived, many of us consider winter to be a season of hibernation and protection. Just like your car in the winter, we need to take protective measures to ensure we protect our decks from the harsh winters we experience, especially in a city like Ottawa. 

Within this blog, you will learn tips and tricks that will help protect your deck from the snow, dirt, and debris that accumulates during the wintertime. 


The first preventative measure you want to take is providing your backyard deck with a thorough cleaning job. This means removing all accessories from your deck including furniture and any additional accessories that remain following a thorough power-wash. This step may need to be repeated a few times if your deck is really dirty.


It is important to monitor your deck throughout the year to watch for any problems that may create bigger problems over time. For example, a loose step may become weaker due to the static additional weight received from the snow during the winter. With this being said, it’s important to take action earlier in the year before something this small ends up costing you more time and money later down the road. 


Once you have gone through the steps above, it’s time to add a protective stain to your deck. These come in multiple colors, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that matches your deck. Moisture is not a deck’s best friend and by adding some protective stain, you will help block out any unwanted moisture that can cause your deck to rot, mold, and mildew.  

After applying the seal to your deck, another precautionary step you can take during the winter months is applying a tarp covering as much space as possible. Again, this will help keep out unwanted moisture that can potentially damage your deck any further.

The work doesn’t stop just yet. When the snow starts to accumulate on your deck during the winter, make sure to take the time to shovel any excess snow as often as possible. Although this requires additional work, this helps keep your deck in better condition longer. 

Don’t wait until you have to replace your whole deck before you start implementing these tips and tricks that can save you time and money. We want you to enjoy your deck right away next summer, not have you worrying about replacing it. For more advice on your deck needs contact us today!


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