5 Reasons To Choose Pressure Treated Wood For Your Deck

If you have a deck or you are thinking of installing one this year, you may have heard of pressure treated wood. Perhaps you’re unsure of what it is and why it should be used in your deck construction. Below, we have listed the five top reasons that you may want to consider pressure treated wood for your deck. Take a look:


1) Moisture Resistance

Wood that has been left in moist environments will go soft and, eventually, slowly decompose. Pressure treated lumber uses one of several chemical compounds based on copper, which is a natural biocide, and this protects it from the microorganisms that cause wood to decay. This makes it great to use on decks that will be exposed to the elements, such as a Canadian winter!


2) Fungal Resistance

Many different types of fungus can take hold when the slightest amount of moisture is present. Once the wood is weak, pests and other things can begin to eat away at the wood, too. The compounds in pressure treated wood ensure it resists fungus and other issues.


3) Insect Resistance

Termites, carpenter ants and woodboring beetles can pose a threat to any structure built with wood. Wood damaging insects can cause dangerous structural issues to your deck. Pressure treated wood provides resistance to these pests.


4) Fire Resistance

Wood-based structures are susceptible to fire damage. However, the pressure treating process can include fire-retardant chemicals to ensure the wood is resistant to fire damage.


5) Durability

Pressure treated wood will last a lot longer in an environment when it is exposed to many elements. It outlasts natural wood as it tends to be denser than untreated wood products, and is much stronger.


Do you have further questions about the type of pressure treated wood we use? Our experience with all materials will help us guide you with your project, making sure we choose the best deck material for your specific needs. Give The Deck Shop a call today to get started planning your dream deck, just in time for summer!

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