Whether you have a high or low deck, the space below it is substantial and can be used in a variety of ways to ensure that you’re making the most use of the area. Read on to learn about a few of our favourite ideas and take your home’s space to the next level this summer.

High Decks:

At the Deck Shop, we believe that there’s no such thing as too much living space. While your high deck has already provided you with increased outdoor footage, you can also turn the area underneath it into a shaded patio to kick back and relax over a good meal with friends and family during the warmer months. Simply add in some comfortable seating, a waterproof dining table and a couple of lights and you’re all set!If you’re installing a patio beneath your deck, we suggest keeping weeds at bay by installing a barrier to prevent them from growing up through the stones.

Low Decks:

We could all use more storage space in our lives. If your deck is 30 inches or more off the ground, it becomes the ideal spot to stow away some of your home’s large or cumbersome items. You have the option of using the area as a wet or dry storage space, but keep in mind that a wet storage space will be much easier to create. You’ll be able to store any weatherproof items made of materials such as plastic,vinyl or PVC and they won’t be damaged from rain falling in from between your deck’s boards.

If you would prefer to create a dry storage space, you’ll be required to install a waterproof barrier between your deck boards and the storage space underneath them. You’ll also have to create drainage systems made of plastic beneath the deck for rain water, which we’re more than happy to talk you through.

If you don’t need any extra storage space, an alternate option is to cover the gap between your deck and the ground with a lattice fence and decorate the area with plants or flowers.

Are you hoping to maximize the space below your deck in time for the summer season? Give The DeckShop a call and we’ll help guide you through ideas tailored to your specific requirements!

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