If you’ve recently installed a high deck, you’ve probably been left wondering how to design the patio space underneath it to best complement your home. At The Deck Shop, many of our clients reach the stage of selecting outdoor furniture for their new patio but are then left wondering how else they can creatively decorate the space. We’ve compiled some of our favorite options below:

Hanging Light Fixtures

Your under-deck patio is where you can have a lot of fun with large hanging light fixtures that would otherwise overwhelm the interior of your home. Outdoors, bigger is better! Use your light fixture as the central design element of your patio and then design the space around it. Whether you prefer a more industrial-chic style or full-blown ornate, light fixtures are a great tool you can use to set mood and ambience. They’re also quite a necessity, as the space beneath your deck can often be dark without direct sunlight reaching it.

Ceiling Swing Chair

It’s likely that you’ll be filling your under-deck patio with outdoor seating arrangements. While the possibilities are limitless in terms of selecting furniture shapes, sizes and colors, hanging a swing chair from the ceiling really helps take the space to the next level. Not only will your friends and family members be arguing over who gets to claim the most relaxing spot, the swing chair also helps visually tie together the large space between your under deck patio’s floor and ceiling.

Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a multi-use design element in that it cools you off on those intensely hot summer days while also adding a design punch to your under-deck patio. Select one that suits your space’s vibe to add in some flair – there are hundreds of options to choose from. Installing a fan also helps fill your patio ceiling’s empty space to make the overall area more visually appealing.

Outdoor Bar

Who needs to go out for a drink when you can enjoy one in the comfort of your own home? Given that you’ll already be lounging on your patio, installing an outdoor bar is the ideal way to keep people hydrated (or dehydrated!) throughout the warm summer months. If you have a pool in your backyard, this is also a convenient way to keep beverages nearby so that you won’t have to get your kitchen wet if you get thirsty after a swim.


Lacking a large tree in your backyard? The shade provided by the deck overhead makes your patio the ideal place to install a hammock. Lounge away while shielded from the hot summer sun yet still being able to enjoy the breezy summer weather. Cap off the afternoon with a cold drink from your newly installed outdoor bar!

Inspired to build a high deck of your own and get creative with the patio space beneath it? Give the Deck Shop a call today and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

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