5 Color Ideas For Fall and Winter

Many of us enjoy fall because of all the beautiful colors that we get to be exposed to leading into winter. From the yellows, reds, greens, and oranges, it’s a visually appealing time of year. 

Each color evokes a different type of emotion within us, which can work great in different areas of your home. Whether you are painting a whole room or simply want to add little details with these colors, the theme of your house and what you want guests to feel when they analyze the room plays a great deal into the decisions of what you add into the space. 


If you’re someone who’s filled with positive energy, a color such as yellow will help display such feelings. Yellow has the ability to create a positive atmosphere within a room, whether covering large parts of your room or highlighted by accents, yellow is sure to bring out a feeling of positivity. Although this color can stand perfectly fine by itself, you can give a room a modern look if paired correctly with grayscale colors. 


Express your powerful and energetic self through the color red. In design, red is used to make bold statements. Depending on your intentions with this color, it can be used to warm up a room or add a dramatic touch. Even though Valentine’s day is not until February, red is a color that evokes radiating passion and love. Express your passion with red, whether you decide to paint an entire wall, have a red piece of furniture, or have accents of this color throughout your home. 


We see green every time we decide to step out of the house. From the trees to the grass, we’re surrounded by this color. Because we see it in our everyday lives so much, it’s a color that we incorporate in our interior designs. Green is seen as an earthy tone, which give a calm and relaxed energy to the room, and it makes sense that you can easily pair it with other materials such as natural wood. Bring the outdoors indoors and make green a focal point the next time you decide to add some new colors to your home. 


Are you someone who wants to display their warm and determined side within their home? The color orange does just that, creating a fun atmosphere that is also great for accent use. Orange, just like green is a color that goes well with earthy tones as well as neutral tones like grey and beige. While it is a fun color, orange is not a color that you want to go overboard with as it is a very dominant color to the eye, so be subtle with how you use it.


Let yourself be free with the color blue. You can never go wrong with using this color, as it creates a feeling of freshness and lightness. It is a multifunctional color that can be used on many different surfaces such as your walls or furniture. You can go from anywhere between light blue, grey-blue and navy blue, depending on what you prefer. If you are someone who enjoys a timeless luxurious look, mixing blue with colors like gold or silver can create exactly what you are looking for. 

Adding these warm colors will be comforting during the harsh winter months. Don’t want to overdo it with such an attention-grabbing color? Adding inexpensive small elements to a room is a great way to do that. From pillows, carpets and lamp shades, to vases and art, you can surely find a way to incorporate color into your home.

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