Building A Modern Deck Without Wood

Are you tired of constantly having to maintain your deck?

Always having to deal with fading, splinters, and cracks due to inconsistent maintenance?

Your backyard should be used as an environment to bond with family and friends. Not a place to be constantly worrying about the next problem that may arise. Wooden decks have been around forever and that’s what most people know when it comes to building your dream backyard. 

In this article, we will enlighten you on the benefits of building a modern deck without wood. We also suggest the materials that are required to do so. 



We understand that you’re busy! From working 8 hour days, to taking Tommy and Sarah to soccer and ballet practice right after, where does the time lie to take on a new house project? 

What can you use instead of a wood deck? 

We recommend using cellular PVC (polyvinyl chloride), as to no surprise is increasingly becoming a popular decking choice for homeowners. This is because it requires very little maintenance post-installation. Leaving you with more time to spend with Tommy and Sarah and less time stressing about your next home improvement project. 

What is the difference in the maintenance process?

Remember the hours that went into staining, painting, and treating your wood deck? Now imagine all you have to do with a PVC deck is hose it down with water and let mother nature take care of the rest.

As easy as 1,2,3! 


With the solid cellular properties in PVC, durability and longevity is much more than that of wood, therefore eliminating your worries of water damage that you may have encountered with your wooden deck. We don’t know about you, but wouldn’t it be nice knowing that the fear of your deck eroding and warping are no longer? 


Want to know how you can help reduce your carbon footprint? You can help to be more eco-friendly by switching to an environmentally friendly deck, and a cellular PVC allows you to do just that. Due to its long-lasting 100% recyclable plastics, you not only get a good looking deck but you can feel good about your choice too!


Have you ever considered building a deck with recyclable materials?

Although the price point for a cellular PVC deck is higher than wood, many proud PVC deck owners justify this by its amazing long term benefits. 

In conclusion, going with a PVC or wood deck will still give you a fantastic looking backyard.

If you are tired of tedious tasks that go into maintaining and treating your deck, we strongly recommend considering looking into a cellular PVC deck.

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