Front Yard Design Tips

When we think about living areas on our real estate property, we often think of the interior of our homes, while neglecting the outside. With all the attention on upgrades focused on our kitchens, bathrooms etc we tend to put less effort towards the landscape of our properties. The front yard, if done correctly could be a great first impression to the rest of the home.


Although landscaping is important, there is no need to get too crazy with an upgrade, keep it simple. For example, when choosing between different plants to incorporate within your landscape try and keep it to a maximum of three types of plants and repeat them throughout your yard. The difference in the colour of the plants can add a vibrant contrast if chosen correctly. Using different height levels of plants can give your yard a look of thoughtfulness and cohesion and doesn’t give off such a busy look to your yard.


Especially with access to the internet, there is an infinite amount of design concepts to choose from. It is important not to get paralyzed with all this information and pick a look that accentuates your individuality. Picking a look can be as simple as selecting a colour themed to your yard, it’s that easy!


You’ve selected your look and plants, what else could you possibly need to think about when it comes to your yard? We can tell you that you better make sure that your ideal concept should consider the maintenance that it will take to upkeep your landscape. It is important to not only keep it simple, but also be realistic. If you are a homeowner that is barely at the house, what makes you think that you will have time to provide the TLC that your yard needs?


One way to create unity with your front yard and your house, is to have a sliding door installed instead of a regular window. This means that the family room will be able to connect with the front porch of the house and provide a feeling of togetherness.


Using furniture doesn’t only have to be used on the inside of your home, adding a front porch or a deck can provide a place of comfort from the exterior of your home. Adding furniture to the outside your home can give you a continuous feel of comfort, that might even make you want to be outside more than inside on those warm summer days. This can be done with materials such as composite decking, that looks like wood and will last a very long time. Even something as simple as putting in or growing new fresh grass can make the world of a difference to your yard!


Adding a structure like a pergola can not only add uniqueness to your yard, but also make you feel like you belong outside…ALL THE TIME!


If you live in a home with kids, you must know how much they need to be entertained while you enjoy a cold one. Implementing a space designated specifically for them like a play area might just be that fix you need. Even though most kids are glued to a screen these days, if your yard allows for it, building a treehouse for your kids may be what exposes your kids to more sun light instead of blue light.

We hope that these tips can help you bring the party from the inside to the outside of your house this summer.

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