Outdoor Living Trends


As times are changing, many homeowners mindsets is also adapting when it comes to things like what a home should look like. When it comes to outdoor living, a majority of homeowners think that your outdoor space should be designed in alignment with the seasons. A lot of homeowners are now incorporating designs that tie into all seasons, things like cabinetry, lighting and hot tubs. Not only do you want to extend your living space to the outdoors but you also want to make it purposeful as well.


Don’t have the budget to hire a professional contractor but have a few hand tools like a circular saw and a drill? Well maybe it’s time to get your hands dirty on a DIY deck project. Let’s say you have a deck that needs some rejuvenation, you can pull up those deck boards and put down some new composite deck boards. This will give your deck more life as well as minimize time spent on maintaining it again.

If you don’t have a deck and would like to one day take on DIY projects, there is no better time than now during COVID-19 to start. Just like any project you start, it’s always best to spend a big part planning your work and working your plan. Figuring out things like a realistic budget and the types of materials will save a lot of stress and headaches.


If you are on a budget, adding things like outdoor curtains can not only add privacy to your yard but it can also give a unique aesthetic as well.


Ok so you’ve got your deck set up and all the bells and whistles to compliment it, what next? How about your landscaping?! Landscape adds that green factor to your yard and can be the cherry on top to a visually appealing yard.


It’s always important to find inspiration to help bring your vision to life. At the same time you don’t want to over complicate the process when it comes to putting your personality into your home. Having a palette of one or two colours goes a long way, opposed to many different colour choices. Having a lot of different colours will ultimately make your space visually busy. So do yourself a favour and keep it simple!

It’s time to bring your vision of your yard to life and we hope these tips help!

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