Home Improvement Tips


Always wear appropriate construction gear when working on your home improvement project project.

Even if you think the job isn’t that dangerous be sure to take measures to ensure your safety, This can be done by wearing gear such as proper eyewear, footwear, gloves, helmets


There are many ladder accidents that occur each year, many of which could have been avoided by following ladder usage guidelines. Be sure to invest in a sturdy reliable ladder and follow the instructions for proper usage.


Although there are many advertised tools that you can use to assist you in your hanging of wall art, here is a much cheaper and reliable way to ensure that you hang your art up on a straight line whether vertically or horizontally. Using green painters tape, you can stretch the tape along the wall where you want the picture to be. Following this, you can hammer in your nails at each end of the tape. Simple right?


A lot of times when we are doing our home improvement projects we sometimes feel pressured or rushed for time. This is even more of a reason why you should triple-check measurements before cutting or drilling. This will help you make sure that your measurements are exact causing you to waste less time and money.


We’ve all experienced getting our electricity bill only to be shocked by the overage charges. Many factors can cause this such as extreme usage within the month. There are many reasons as to why you may be experiencing such high charges on your electricity bill. For every problem, there is a solution, such as changing your light bulbs to energy-saving ones, updating your insulation or even investing in a smart thermostat. 


What a weird question right? But did you know that keeping your closet doors shut insulates your house better and with a better-insulated house could make the difference of a few dollars on that electricity bill.  


We can buy all the best smelling cleaning supplies to make our house smell and feel clean. But is it of many benefits to your health? A good way to make sure that we are getting the best of both worlds is by taking the time and making our own cleaning products. Not only do we know exactly what is going into the bottle, but we can also reduce the number of bad chemicals we intake in our bodies.


When was the last time you changed your furnace filter? It’s okay your not alone, most people neglect this because they don’t realize the negative results that come with not keep the filter clean. Having a dirty and clogged up furnace filter can cause your system to work harder than it needs to and can end up potentially damaging the entire thing. Be proactive and set reminders for when to change it. Depending on the quality of the filter will determine the frequency that it needs to be changed. 


So you want to sell your house? When we are in the process of selling our house, we want to do everything and anything to raise the value of our property. Often times we put money into things that may not give us that much of a ROI (return on investments). It’s important to prioritize our time and money into figuring out what will give us a greater return. With that being said we want to put less focus on things that we may think add value but ultimately won’t.


It’s time to update your kitchen but don’t have a crazy budget to work with. A quick hack to giving your kitchen a minor yet impactful facelift is to update the hardware in it. Things such as the cupboard and drawer handles can make your kitchen look like new and the best part is you can do it yourself for cheap!


It may be time to upgrade your water faucet, whether its visual appeal or is being corroded internally may be signs that you need to invest in new ones. This process isn’t all that expensive and can add that new feeling to your bathrooms and kitchens.


For those of us who like to put on a full concert in the shower and plan our days in the shower it’s time to put a time limit on these things. If you are someone who likes to spend a long period of time in the shower you should consider putting a time waterproof hourglass to speed up those showers. As you know the long you spend under that hot water, the higher that hydro bill is going to be at the end of the month. Applying a timer can help save you money and unnecessary wasted time. 


If you own a house that has a garage, it’s one of the first things people see when they approach. Investing in a new garage can give you a great ROI. Not only will it make your house stand out more but if you happen to be selling having a new garage door can make take your house off the market that much quicker and for more bucks! 


While we are on the subjects of doors in your front yard, the same applies to your main door. Upgrading to a steel door material can also greatly improve your return on investment especially if you are looking to sell.


Popcorn ceilings are a way to tell that your house is outdated. Although this isn’t an easy process to reconstruct consider it if you want to provide a more modern feel in your house.


Looking for a home office but don’t know where you can put it? If you have a lot of storage space in your house consider turning a closet into your office space. Make the best out of every space of your home and get creative with ways to unused space into your new office. 

Apply these home improvement tips to your next renovation and let us know how it goes!


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